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Public Safety Telecommunications
FCC Licensing and Frequency Coordination
Interior Fire Alarm Systems
Land Mobile Radio
Public Reporting Systems
Roadway Lighting
Signs and Pavement Marking
Traffic Signal Inspection
Traffic Signal Systems
Wireless Data
Work Zone Temporary Traffic Safety
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ACTIVE Employee or official of a Government agency or employee of a private contractor actively involved with public safety systems or operations.

PUBLIC AGENCY Any Governmental body or agency with three (3) or more personnel who qualify for active membership. All personnel must be affiliated with a single agency or body.

Per Member
ASSOCIATE Individuals not eligible for active membership or those associated with commercial or non-profit organizations who have knowledge, experience or interest in public safety.

STUDENT Full-time students of an accredited college or university enrolled in a field related to IMSA Activities.
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SUSTAINING DESIRING TO cooperate with IMSA and to work closely with its members throughout the World and being in sympathy with the objectives of the organization, we hereby make application for a SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP in this association.

The following persons:
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will be our four official representatives in all matters relating to the association which are open to your Sustaining Members, but it is understood that our officers, engineers, representatives, or others of our organization can attend and participate in all meetings of your various Sections and Annual Meeting.

If by mail, we are attaching herewith our check for $400.00, covering one year's dues as a Sustaining Member, in accordance with the provisions of your Constitution, or you can bill us for this amount upon the signing and mailing or by the act of electronically transmitting of this application and its acceptance by the membership committee of the association.

UPDATE This option is for Current Members updating the contact information only.

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